Our oil collection service is a simple process that caters for its customers and aims to be convenient to the individual needs of each premises.  

There are three things that must take place upon collection of your used cooking oil.

 • Our driver must show their ID to prove they work for our company and introduce themselves to notify the client that they have arrived to collect the oil. 

• Once the ID has been verified the driver can then proceed to exchange the full oil drum for a clean empty one. 

• Our driver will then issue a waster transfer certificate for the quantity of oil collected in compliance with the environmental agency and the council. Please do let our drivers know which drum size you prefer, we can provide drums for indoor and outdoor storage and can also collect the oil in its original fresh oil containers. 

It is extremely important to always receive a waste transfer certificate upon every collection as this is proof to the authorities that not only is the oil being disposed of correctly by  a regulated oil collection company but also proof that your oil is not being poured down the drain.

Drum Sizes

Our Drums Come In Different Sizes

Bulk Purchase

We do deal with bulk purchases and oil collectors,please do not hesitate to contact us for business purchases.